School: Understanding Teachers

Students often think of teachers as an odd breed! They tend to think of them as living in the school, rolling up the sleeping bag and coming out from under the desk in the mornings. Then, off they go to eat their meals in the school with all the other teachers in the pack. But remembering that teachers have lived through exams, done well, gone to college and do know their stuff will help you. Now, they can show you just what it is that needs to be done. Always remember: teachers want students to do well!

Students often ask why teachers keep at them about homework and exams. It’s simple, really — teachers care about you and want you to do well so that you will have the best possible opportunities out in that big bad world.

Teachers will do almost anything to help you to do well (just don’t ask non-music teachers to sing!) Even if you think that your teachers are like a broken record at times, humour them. As you’re wishing dark thoughts on the teacher who has just given you an essay to do, a test for tomorrow or a poem to learn, trust in the process and that your teachers can get you there.

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.’ Socrates

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that teachers are miracle-workers. They can’t do the learning for you or track you day and night to make sure that you’re doing the work.