Making it Happen: Study Tracker

This allows you to keep your studying monitored. Make some careful notes about what you have done and when. This revision will be nicely stored at the back of your mind. In order to remember it exactly, you will also need another revision session closer to the exam. This is in order to push the information to the front of your mind, where it will just fall out on to the page in front of you. Really try to visualise the sense of satisfaction of this happening. It will spur you on to make the effort.

For each revision planner you do, match it with a study tracker!

Subject What I did When Date to revise


Irish 1.
French 1.


Keep all the revision planners and study trackers. This will help you to see what you’ve done throughout the year.

When you’ve done week-by-week planners, for about 4-6 weeks, aim for month-by-month planners. All the time, you are gaining a further sense of control on your learning!

Download your free Study Tracker

I came, I saw, I conquered.’
Julius Caesar

When you look back at your achievements, you will have conquered, too. Keep the proof of what you have done to track and monitor your progress.
Download the study tracker here and fill it in to keep track of what you’ve done!