At Home: Test Yourself

Another good tip — test yourself. Walk around the room. The movement helps your focus, as does chanting the material that needs to be learned. Now sit down, take out a blank page, write a few test questions for yourself and see if you can answer them.

Anyone who watches The Apprentice on TV might have laughed when a certain candidate said that an idea was in his brain but he just couldn’t get it out. Unfortunately, you may have lots of good ideas, but you don’t get the marks if they stay in your head! In using the technique here, you can get the information out of your head and onto that page.

It’s not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it.’

Lessen the load! Test yourself in advance or get others involved to help you. A lot of exam success is about cop on. Who and what can help you to get the results?